Signature Room Still Waiting on Kitchen


  • Courtesy of the Signature Room

The Signature Room Smooth Jazz and Café (9006 Overland Plaza, Overland; 314-423-7666) has been living up to half its name since opening in May. You can catch great local jazz talent at the Overland club nearly every weekend, but you'll have to wait a little longer to nibble on something while listening.

"I don't want to put out an estimate," says Will Smith, the Signature Room's spokesperson, of when management expects the kitchen to be operational.

"Hopefully before the holidays," he says. "We're not anticipating any problems."

There's been a few delays in getting the grills fired up. The space that formerly housed T. Billy Buffetts underwent a significant face-lift, and Smith explains that parts on a door that would protect the venue in the event of a fire had to be replaced before they could open the kitchen.

"We haven't had any roadblocks," he says. "It just takes a few months for everything to start smoothing out."

That smoothing out will include confirming the kitchen staff that ownership hired earlier this year. "We have cooks signed on," Smith says. "But it's been a while since we have contacted them so we're not sure if they're still available."

Once things are up and running, the Signature Room will serve a variety of upscale dishes, including what Smith anticipats to be the signature dish, shish kabobs, as well as chicken, steak and seafood entrees. The club recently posted a menu to its website.