Mosaic Bistro Market Now Coastal Bistro & Bar


Inside Mosaic Bistro Market, now Coastal Bistro & Bar - JENNIFER SILVERBERG
  • Jennifer Silverberg
  • Inside Mosaic Bistro Market, now Coastal Bistro & Bar
George Mahe of St. Louis Magazine reported today that Mosaic Bistro Market (14 North Central Avenue, Clayton; 314-932-7377) will become Coastal Bistro & Bar, featuring seafood, including a raw bar. The name and concept have changed, but the restaurant still belongs to the Schmitz siblings, who among their many local ventures also run BARcelona and Bocci Bar on the very same block as Coastal Bistro & Bar.

The turnaround is taking place very quickly. When Gut Check called Coastal Bistro & Bar this afternoon, we could barely hear Ellen Schmitz over the hammering. She did manage to tell us that the restaurant hopes to open this evening. Also, she said a few dishes from Mosaic Bistro Market will remain on the new menu, including the mushroom ravioli and the roast chicken.

We'll have more on the new restaurant once they have a chance to finish hammering.