Greenwood Farms to End Public Sales [Updated]


Greenwood Farms, the Newburg, Missouri, farm that sells its meat, raw milk and cheese at Tower Grove Farmers' Market and to several local restaurants, is closing ending its external sales, owner Holly Atkinson confirms.

"We can't turn a profit," says Atkinson, who runs the farm with her husband, Steve, and their adult children Julie and David. "Feed costs doubled. Fuel costs skyrocketed."

Greenwood, Atkinson explains, simply couldn't continue "to farm with the integrity we wanted to."

Produce will be available at the Tower Grove Farmers' Market through Saturday, October 22, with the exception of raw milk, which will not b available after Saturday, September 10. Delivery of raw milk will end after Wednesday, September 14.

The family is not losing the farm. "We are going to try to keep the farm going," says Atkinson, "and keep two to three cows and milk for ourselves, and do eggs for us, and raise some of our own meat.

"We hope if we have extra to keep our customer base, so [for example] if we have a to steer to butcher."

"We feel badly," Atkinson adds. "One of the greatest things about [the farm] was all the customers and the relationships. We feel so hopeful and continue to do so about this local food movement. I just believe sustaining the planet is going to depend on the kind of shift we were making.

"I hope there are others that will sustain that long enough."

Update/Clarification: This post was modified on Friday, September 2, at 8 a.m., to include information on Greenwood's final public sales. Also, the headline and first paragraph were tweaked to clarify that while Greenwood is closing its public sales, it will still exists as a farm owned by the Atkinson family.