Behold! The Cirque de Legume!



Traditional circuses treat animals poorly.

Flea circuses are itchy.

Cirque du Soleil's expensive.

Gallagher's act doesn't offer enough produce diversity.

Good thing the Cirque de Legume is coming to the United States! It debuts in New York on September 6.

The show, which wowed crowds at last year's Edinburgh's Festival Fringe, is the product of three Irish clowns -- Jaimie Carswell, Pablo Ibarluzea, and Nancy Trotter-Landry -- who fill their 50-minute shows with circus tricks performed with cast-off vegetables. They describe it as "a show that visits the margins of our cast-off, disposable world to discover the wonderful impermanence of everything and the tragic beauty of life that grows underground and unseen."

With a lot of spit takes.