A Food Truck for Dogs? A Food Truck for Dogs.


Every time we think the food-truck craze has reached new levels of ridiculousness, we're proven wrong.

First, there was the Applebee's food truck, which is absurd because, you know, Applebee's. Then, there was the Gap food truck, which is absurd because the Gap is a clothing store, not a restaurant.

Now there is a food truck for dogs.

  • Screenshot: www.freshpet.com
Fuck yeah it has a Twitter account.

The Freshpet food truck is currently in New York City only, which is good because I know my dog would chase this thing through my neighborhood and several others.
The truck has a counter that invites big dogs to "paw up to the bar," a doggie door for smaller dogs and schoolbus-style signs that pop out and invite dogs to "paws" for a minute.
Actually, all joking aside, the Freshpet truck is pretty cool:
We go to adoption events and help out local shelters with food donations, too. We know those adoptable dogs have been through a lot, so giving them some fresh, healthy dog food is the least we can do!
Dog or not, we'd rather eat here than at the Applebee's truck.

(h/t: Grub Street)