Ten Japanese Food Ads Featuring Western Superstars



Advertising products they'd never endorse in the United States, American celebrities have always looked to Japan for extra income. Which is a shame, because Americans would have loved to have seen a post-prison James Brown shilling Cup o' Noodles in 1991.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also likes noodles.

Sylvester Stallone prefers hearty Japanese ham steaks.

A dubbed Ben Stiller gets frozen and threatened by a football team, all in the name of Japanese soda.

When you're Han Solo, you can just walk into any Japanese apartment for a beer.

A young Sean Connery and a terrifying bunny want you to buy yogurt. When he wasn't fighting street crime in the '80s, Robocop was often found stealing fried chicken from Japanese families.

A high-energy Kiefer Sutherland has a series of 24-esque ads for nutritional supplements.

Tokyo Drink. Preferred by John Travolta in his beefcake days.

In Japanese commercials, Madonna is pure. Which makes us question the honesty of all their advertising.