Cast Your Vote for RFT's "Best of St. Louis" Issue



It's that time of year again -- in preparation for our annual "Best of St. Louis" issue, we ask you, the reader to cast your vote.

This year's theme? The rapture. You know, that thing that was supposed to happen a couple of months back where all the God-fearing folks fly up into heaven and us sinners are left behind to think about what we've done.

Well it didn't happen, and the date's been pushed back to mid-October. Thankfully, this buys us just enough time to plan for the best end times ever. With the Best Of issue in hand, St. Louisans will have a carefully-crafted guide to the rapture. After all, "Where should we go for dinner tonight?" becomes a much more serious question when your nights are numbered. So, please, take a few minutes to make your voice heard.