Top 3 Pet Peeves of a Hill Server



In this series, food and drink professionals dish to Gut Check about their pet peeves anonymously but honestly.

  • Deborah Hyland

Gut Check Code Name: Pinot

Position: A server at a mid-priced Italian restaurant on the Hill; occasionally covers the bar as well

Pet Peeve #1 From being in the business so long, I'm really quirky, but I don't like it when people put their silverware directly on the table when their meal is all done.

Pet Peeve #2 People that put their babies in the aisle instead of the back of the table. It's unsafe for the baby with coffee, hot food or soup coming through. You never know when the mom will reach for the baby.

Pet Peeve #3 Snapping and whistling. That's how you call your pets, not human beings.

There's stuff that people do that's flat-out rude, but these are the things that more than one person does.