The Gap Ruins Four Food Trends in One Leap



On Friday, we thought Applebee's killed the food truck trend dead. But it was only the beginning.

  • The Gap puts tacos in jeans.

Meet Pico de Gap, a taco truck operated by The Gap in Los Angeles.

Because having a trillion brick-and-mortar stores isn't enough, the sportswear giant is hitting the street and plowing over as many food trends as it can.

The tacos have been crafted by former Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron, who now hosts Marcel's Quantum Kitchen on Syfy. It's a show about -- you guessed it -- molecular gastronomy.

Let's take a count: food trucks, gourmet tacos, cooking-based reality television and molecular gastronomy. That's a whopping four food trends The Gap has sent hurtling over the sharks with a push from the grill of its faux-vintage truck.

The truck sells lamb neck, shrimp, carnitas and tofu tacos with piles of condiments, such as mirin-soaked daikon pickles.

As usual, St. Louis isn't slated to be a part of this trend. New York City, San Francisco and Chicago will get their own Gap taco trucks with menus by some other Top Chef guy and cookbook author/former Top Chef host/Billy Joel's ex-wife Katie Lee.

We're good with that. The curried sweet potato tacos from Cha Cha Chow suit us fine, even if they don't come with a coupon for $20 off a pair of jeans.