New Commercials Admit Miracle Whip Sucks



Domino's Pizza did it last year, airing commercials in which the company admitted that its pizzas aren't necessarily the best ones on the market while sharing the cold, hard truth from test groups.

It used the ads as a jumping point to promise better pizza.

Whether it has succeeded or not, we're not sure. What we do know is it seems to have kicked off a new trend in advertising in which producers are willing to let the public talk about just how much their product sucks.

The latest comes from Miracle Whip, who inexplicably interview the Harveys, a newlywed couple outside a Las Vegas marriage chapel, about their differing views on Miracle Whip and mayonnaise.

No word from Miracle Whip on whether these ads will prompt it to change its formula.

Mrs. Harvey is an outspoken hero in the war against weird-tasting processed condiments.

Pauly D has opinions! Who knew?

Compliments or insults? You decide.

Relationship battles.