Entenmann's Casey Anthony Tweet Leads to Sticky Situation


As you likely have already heard, a Florida jury today acquitted Casey Anthony of charges of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. If you're like me, you were only dimly aware that the trial was nearing the end, let alone had been to sent to the jury -- until, that is, your Twitter feed blew up with tweets about the verdict.

Many of those tweets included the hashtag "#notguilty"presumably because this was the first murder trial in U.S. history. As tends to happen on Twitter, some of these tweets were in poor taste. And, as tends to happen on Twitter, one fairly well-known company stepped in it.

Yes, this was an actual tweet from the account of Entenmann's, seemingly benign producer of snack cakes.

The company deleted the offending tweet, but didn't ignore it:

Unfortunately for Entenmann's, those who delight in creating fake Twitter accounts react quickly and without mercy:

(h/t: Gawker)