Competitive Eating Proves More Interesting Than Tennis, NASCAR



On Monday, Joey Chestnut won his fifth Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest by cramming 62 hot dogs down his gullet in a gut-wrenching ten minutes.

A weekend poll of ESPN viewers shows that more people were interested in the hot dog eating contest (27 percent) than the Wimbeldon title matches (15 percent), Women's World Cup (9 percent), and the weekend's Daytona International Speedway NASCAR race (7 percent).

The times, they have changed. It wasn't so long ago St. Louis cable access show World Wide Magazine taunted heart patient/competitive eater Vince during a pizza-eating contest at Joanie's.

We don't know Vince's fate. Did he eventually succumb to his pizza-driven heart disease? Get busted for Social Security fraud? Sue World Wide Magazine for likening him to a big hog being humped by a farmer?

What we do know is these days, Vince would be considered a hero for his pizza-conquering feat. Sort of like the guy who ate that entire jar of Nutella and recorded it.