Hamburger Mary's Chain Likely to Add a Stop in St. Louis


  • Courtesy of Hamburger Mary's

On the list of things Kansas City has and we don't, St. Louis has some minor scores to settle. Although its headquarters are reticent to justify our victory with 100 percent certainty, all signs point to the fact that the city is the future host of a Hamburger Mary's, a key element in the list of tasty but eclectic U.S. hamburger chains that have somehow yet to realize what they're missing out on (St. Louis). If finalized, the second one in Missouri will open at 3037 Olive Street.

"It's a little premature to get too excited, only because the deal hasn't officially been finished," says Ashley Wright, one of the chain's owners. "But it's definitely pretty far along, and all signs indicate that it will be finalized."

What started in 1972 as a key venue in San Francisco's gay and lesbian scene has, almost 40 years from its opening, turned into a ten-part (so far) chain. Known for its specialty hamburgers (see: Buffy the Burger Slayer) and policies against using frozen beef, the restaurant's food shares a spotlight with its décor. Each restaurant in the chain varies pretty widely on the same theme -- liberally decorated throwback burger joint -- with decorations that focus on both the unusual and the comfortable. If Alice went to a burger joint instead of Wonderland, she might end up at Mary's. We're just hoping they both come to St. Louis.

Gut Check has a call out to the St. Louis side of the business deal, but in the meantime, we'd like to know: What other cult restaurant chains would you like to see -- and eat at -- in our fair city?