Triumph Grill, a Victorious Happy Hour?


  • Kristen Klempert
  • Triumph Grill

Triumph Grill 3419 Olive Street, Midtown; 446-1801

The Hours: 2-6 p.m. Mon.-Fri., 5-10 p.m. Sun.

The Deal: $10 Schlafly pitchers, $7 PBR and Bud Select pitchers, $5.25 house red or white wine, $3.25 wells, $2.25 domestic bottles, $3 off appetizers

Triumph's Chipotle Molasses Wings - KRISTEN KLEMPERT
  • Kristen Klempert
  • Triumph's Chipotle Molasses Wings

The Scene: Remember that cool kid in high school with the devil-might-care attitude and style? Triumph Grill is that kid in the restaurant world. Fittingly attached to the Moto Museum and sporting a motorcycle theme, Triumph has a streamlined, clean design and a menu that's slightly hipper than other grills' thanks to flavor influences from Asia and Europe. Unfortunately, like that James Dean wannabe in high school, once you get to know Triumph, it's a little disappointing. Although friendly, service can be slow and a lot of the dishes, though described intriguingly and presented beautifully, fall short of expectations.

Why You'll Go Back: Triumph gains points for mass appeal. It doesn't have the most exciting beer or wine selection, the best vegetarian options, or the most crave-worthy bar food, but it has a few gems in each category and can appease everyone if you're hanging with an eclectic group.

The Verdict: When we find a restaurant that offers everything from Hayabusa Sushi Tacos to Chipotle Molasses Chicken Wings to a Turkey and Brie Melt with caramelized onions and apples, we don't expect the best thing to be the soft pretzel appetizer. Although nothing stood out as horrible at Triumph, nothing stood out as triumphant either.