Cicada Cuisine: Six Ways to Cook the Critters


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Sick of cicadas? You can lower their population by eating them.

Oh, come on. People all over the world eat insects without getting grossed out. With rising food prices, the U.S. shouldn't be so quick to poo-poo cheap sources of protein. And considering all the complaints about the thirteen-year cicada invasion, chowing down on them would ease the wallet and the droning howl of a million bugs.

Sparky's Ice Cream in Columbia couldn't keep up with the demand for its cicada ice cream last week.

The folks at Fox 2 KTVI have done two pieces about eating cicadas:


That's just enough to whet the appetite. Here's some more detailed information on cicada cooking.

Sauteed, Battered, Deep-Fried Cicadas Chef's tip: Cook cicadas in pots purchased from second-hand store to keep closed-minded wife from killing you in your sleep.

Sweet and Crunchy Cicada Snacks Chef's tip: Remove the wings before drizzling the boiled cicadas in chocolate. Because the wings are gross.

Cicadas on a Stick Emerging From a Mound a Chevre and Cicada Sushi Chef's tip: Nab the little buggers as they emerge from the ground. They're like cicada veal. Or cicada suckling pig.

Cicada Stir Fry Chef's tip: Stir-fried cicadas taste less cicada-y than chocolate-dipped cicadas.

Cicada Wontons Chef's tip: Be prepared for asparagus pee later.

Cicadas Fried in Bacon Grease Chef's tip: If the exploding bug full of hot pig fat doesn't kill you, your tween daughter will.