Portabella in Clayton Closing [Updated]



Word started circulating this morning that...something...was happening with Portabella (15 North Central Avenue, Clayton; 314-725-6588). George Mahe of St. Louis Magazine tweeted a photo of a sign outside the restaurant announcing that it was closed for remodeling. "Emphasis on remodeling," Mahe teased.

Around the same time, however, a reader told me that she'd learned from Portabella staff that it was closed, period. The restaurant's Facebook page makes no mention of remodeling, only that it would be closed Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day.

A call to the restaurant reveals the truth: Portabella is closed. A new restaurant will take over the space. When I asked for details about this new venture, I was told to contact Pasta House Co. co-founder Kim Tucci. I have a call in to him. More as I learn it.

Update: (Thursday, June 2, 6:45 a.m.) Portabella owner Angela Del Pietro confirms via a press release issued late yesterday afternoon that she has sold the restaurant to Pasta House Co. co-founders Kim Tucci and Joe Fresta.

Tucci tells the St. Louis Business Journal that he and Fresta plan to open Tucci & Fresta's Trattoria & Bar in the space six weeks from now.