Chocolate Slim Jims. Because Macho Man Randy Savage Would Want it That Way.



Still mourning the May 20th death of pro wrestling great Macho Man Randy Savage? Saddened that you'll never see him snap into a Slim Jim on your TV (even though he didn't make a Slim Jim commercial in the last decade of his life)?

Perhaps this will help.

Bereaved Becky McKay of Foodbeast is feeling the pain, too. She's channeled her pain into the ultimate in Slim Jim spokesperson comfort food - chocolate-covered Slim Jims!

It's a simple concept. Unwrap each Slim Jim and snap in half -- er, SNAP INTO IT! Melt some cheap chocolate bark. Dip snapped Slim Jims into melted chocolate bark. Let set.

Chocolately, snappy, meaty, greasy and chewy are the new stages of grief.