The Cold Cuts at G & W Meat and Bavarian Sausage


  • Deborah Hyland

To be honest, Gut Check's love for the sandwiches at G&W Bavarian Style Sausage Company (4828 Parker, 314-352-5066) has a lot more to do with the experience than the sandwiches themselves, which are basically cold-cuts on bread.

The cold-cuts, however, are spectacularly varied. Forget about ham or bologna and order the sandwich aufschnitt (or mixed cold-cuts). You might end up with krakauer, schinkenwurst or gelbwurst. Instead of pimento loaf, there are lunch meats dotted with green peas, mushrooms or parsley.

The bread comes straight from a grocery store loaf, and don't even think of asking to have it toasted. Generally, the options include white, wheat and rye, but often, you'll eat whichever bread the butchers are eating that day. The mayonnaise and mustard will come in little packets. Forget about lettuce or a tomato slice, and bring your own damn potato chips.

Still, a hefty sandwich only costs $4.00, and if the line is long enough, the butcher might offer you a cold beer from under the counter, even at 8 a.m.