Belleville's Lincoln Theatre to Open Gourmet Popcorn Shop


Abe's Popcorn at the Lincoln Theatre opens later this month. Honest. - ROBIN WHEELER
  • Robin Wheeler
  • Abe's Popcorn at the Lincoln Theatre opens later this month. Honest.

Belleville's long been a destination for area movie fans, thanks to a pair of unique theaters - the only drive-in in the St. Louis Metro area, and the Lincoln Theatre, a restored Depression-era movie house filled with Art Deco charm right down to the pre-movie pipe organ shows.

The Lincoln Theatre's upping the cinematic ante once again by adding Abe's Gourmet Popcorn to the theater. Gut Check spoke with Lincoln Theater owner Dave Schoenborn about the new venture.

Gut Check When will the popcorn shop open?

Dave Schoenborn, Lincoln TheatreNot sure, but we hope by the end of May. How will the shop be tied to the theater?

We have opened up the wall between [the shop] and the lobby. On busy movie days you will be able to go into the shop to get all the extra flavors. You will also be able to enter the shop through [neighboring shop] Bracelets and More, and from High Street when the theater entrance is not open.

What popcorn flavors are you planning?

Carmel, cheese, hot cheese, chocolate and carmel, and then some others which will rotate, like Italian and other spice mixes. How did you go about developing the flavors?

We have worked with a consultant for years from one of our suppliers who had a shop like this. We are taking his basic recipe as our base and will tweek it to be our own. What gave you the idea to open the shop?

We had unused space that we thought we should take advantage of, and it only made sense to expand on something our customers really love - popcorn!

Why now?

We needed to do some other remodeling so it made sense to do it all at one time to save money on the total project.