The Obamas Still Proud of That Chili Recipe


The Obamas' chili, as prepared by Gut Check in 2008 - IAN FROEB
  • Ian Froeb
  • The Obamas' chili, as prepared by Gut Check in 2008
Skimming Eater this morning, I couldn't not click on the link to an article titled "Michelle Obama, Your Chili Is Bullshit" -- and not just because that's one helluva compelling headline.

You see, three years ago, Gut Check made the chili recipe that then-Senator Obama claimed to have been using since college. I thought it wasn't bad: conventional, yes, underseasoned, yes -- where was the salt in the recipe? -- but tasty.

Blog the Gurgling Cod calls bullshit on the first lady in part because the author finds that the recipe, proffered in a recent issue of Parade magazine alongside a chicken Parmesan recipe from Jill Biden, is "terrible."

Again, I'll admit this chili isn't going to win any cook-offs, but is it terrible? Hormel chili in a can is terrible. Assuming you don't screw up the recipe, this is no better or worse than the chili -- or, as chili purists might have it, the "chili" -- countless Americans have thrown together for a weeknight dinner.

Its quality notwithstanding, however, the Gurgling Cod also points out that this isn't the first time the Obamas have given this chili recipe to a magazine or newspaper. It also appeared in a 2008 edition of the Chicago Tribune as the "Obama family chili." That same year, Obama offered it to the North Coast Journal, which is where I found it.

So while I disagree with the Gurgling Cod on the relative merits of the Obamas' chile, I agree with the blogs' larger implication: Obamas, you have been in the White House for nearly two and a half years now. It's time to spring another recipe from the vaults.