No Easter Plans? Take the Kids Out to Eat the Easter Bunny! (& Take Our Poll!)


Eat him before he eats you. - IMAGE VIA

After weeks of fish fries, Lenten sacrifices and sneaking candy, Easter's finally upon us.

Caught up in the holiday spirit, Gut Check went on a mission to track down the ultimate seasonal delicacy: rabbit.

It was more difficult to corner the little critters than we'd expected. In fact, our inquiring phone calls nearly always elicited a recoil in horror, or laughter followed by a patronizing goodbye (it wasn't clear whether they thought we were joking, crazy or both.)

Maybe it was just the timing. One thing is clear, however: A whole passel of St. Louisans aren't terribly interested in eating rabbits.

This may help to clear up one of Gut Check's more vexing Mysteries of the Universe: The reason so many people of our acquaintance have never eaten rabbit is that hardly any restaurants put the tasty li'l critter on the menu.

Before we were worn down by mortified hostesses, we found a whopping three places where you can eat Easter bunny this weekend.

Venerable Benton Park go-to Sidney Street Café (2000 Sidney Street; 314-771-5777), bless its culinary soul, is serving a pecan-encrusted rabbit; while the newly opened Salt (4356 Lindell Boulevard; 314-932-5787) has cornmeal-stuffed rabbit saddle on the bill of fare. Additionally, braised rabbit hindquarter is available at Eleven Eleven Mississippi.

Vin de Set had bunny on special recently but doesn't at the moment, but, looking ahead, Franco (1535 South Eighth Stewwr; 314-436-2500) plans to add rabbit to its menu very soon.

POLL QUESTION: How do you like your rabbit?

Feel free to elaborate in the comments thread. We can take it.