Farms Donate 460,000 Eggs to St. Louis Area Foodbank


  • Wikimedia Commons

Just in time for Easter ...

On Monday the St. Louis Area Foodbank received 460,000 eggs to distribute to organizations like day care centers, churches, and food pantries so they'll get into the hands of food insecure people who need some high protein nutrition.

MoArk donated 300,000 of the eggs, and Rose Acre Farms gave the rest.

Just how many eggs is that?

That's one egg for each person living within the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri, allowing 213 eggs to breakage.

The folks at KPLR beat us to the "How Big is That?" punch. They pointed out that the eggs, laid end-to-end, would stretch the 18 miles between downtown St. Louis to Kirkwood. But chickens aren't that organized with their egg-laying, and the eggs would get smooshed on I-44.