Jamie Oliver Accused of Not Being a Real Chef, Releases Cheese


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  • This is not a chef.

British chef/author/eccentric character/host of the U.K.'s "Kitchen Nightmares" Marco Pierre White skewered the U.K.'s culinary sweetheart, Jamie Oliver, by telling the Daily Star that Oliver's not a real chef:

I don't look at Jamie as a chef. He's never won a Michelin star. Because of that, he's not really accepted by the professional chef world. Yes, he inspires a lot of people to cook, but he doesn't fall under that category of great chefs.

Oh yeah, Marco? Well, Jamie has his own line of cheeses. So there.

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That's right. The cheeky Brit's slapped his face on packages of cheese from Italy as part of his ever-expanding line of pre-packaged foods, restaurants, books, and television shows.

Surely that makes a chef, right?

The launch of Oliver's cheese coincides with the news that White's creating a beer with JW Lees Brewery.

The beer? It's a bitter.