Review Preview: Prime 1000


The dining room of Prime 1000 - LAURA MILLER
  • Laura Miller
  • The dining room of Prime 1000
This week I visit Prime 1000 (1000 Washington Avenue; 314-241-1000), the posh new loft district steakhouse.
Upon entering the four-month-old steakhouse Prime 1000, to the left of the host's stand, you will see your dinner. Well, not specifically your dinner, but the meat that will be served to diners over the next few weeks. This chamber, a series of shelves behind glass, is where the restaurant dry-ages its steaks. That Prime 1000 dry-ages its steaks in the first place is significant: Though generally believed to create a better steak, dry-aging is costly, an expense that not every steakhouse wants to pass on to diners already paying a pound of flesh for their pound of flesh.

That it lets you observe the process is almost unheard-of.
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