Tip on the Real Total, Not the Discounted Total, Ya Jerk!


Madame Mystery sez "Groupon schmoupon, show me the $$$" - PHOTO BY NICHOLAS PHILLIPS
  • Photo by Nicholas Phillips
  • Madame Mystery sez "Groupon schmoupon, show me the $$$"
In this series, food and drink professionals dish to Gut Check about their pet peeves -- anonymously, but honestly.

Gut Check Code Name: Madame Mystery

Position: Manager, casual fine dining restaurant in South St. Louis

Pet Peeve: When guests tip on discounted check and not the pre-discounted check.  

Why This is Horrible: "We are so glad you've got a gift certificate! Or a comp, or a Groupon, or an e-mail for 25 percent off a bottle of wine or whatever it is! However, just because you're saving money, that doesn't mean your server is doing less work."

A Savvy Diner Can Avoid This By: When you look on your check, search for the higher dollar amount, which can usually be found right above your discount. Sometimes it's called the subtotal, sometimes it's just called the total. But you should tip on that. Your server will appreciate it.

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