Not Good Things: Martha Stewart Behaving Badly



Last week, after years of being teased by David Letterman about her time in prison, Martha Stewart finally lost it and nailed him in his smartass face.

It's hardly the first time the domestic goddess/ex-con has behaved poorly. We present a video history of Martha has defied proper housemaven behavior.

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Martha teaches Conan O'Brien how to make a proper Irish breakfast, which includes publicly discussing how to bleed out a cow and the best ways to conceal Jameson and Guinness at the breakfast table. She also gets her ass handed to her in egg-frying skills by Conan.

Allows Snoop Dogg to assist in brownie-making, then raps about pot.

Makes a cocktail with nearly a cup of booze in it, then launches it into Academy Award winner Adrien Brody's face.

Comedian/cupcake baker/sometimes-waitress Amy Sedaris has her presentation skills insulted, gets yelled at for using too much salt, then has to listen to Martha go all Crazy Pet Lady on her after bitching that Letterman never accepts her dinner invitations.

Unleashes her dominatrix skills on Cookie Monster without teaching us the best way to tie an erotic asphyxiation rope. Burns buns, gets huffy, blames the universe for her bad luck.

Perpetuates the patriarchal myth of the sugar-spinning housewife, then picks sugar strands from Paul Shaffer's lips.

Plays a questionable joke on a surprised chicken while telling a small child his hair looks like said chicken.

Pole dances, then squeezes a ball between her upper thighs.