Kanye West's New Food Lyrics


  • Screenshot: noonemanshouldhaveallthatflour.tumblr.com
For several weeks now, Kanye West's new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has been playing nonstop at Gut Check International Headquarters. So we were excited to discover, via Grub Street, No One Man Should Have All That Flour, which posts food-related parodies of West's lyrics. Here, for example, is "Runaway" rewritten as "Grab a Plate":
Let's have a toast for the fruit snacks
Let's have a toast for the crab roe
Let's have a toast for the plum wraps
Every one of them that I rolled
Let's have a toast for dessert troughs
That I just can't keep my hands off
Baby, I got a plan
Grab a plate fast as you can
How about, "She's got a chirpy-voiced friend, sound like Rachael Ray / She's got a gravel-voiced friend, sound like Rachael Ray"?