Salad Bars, Buffets Pose Terror Threat


Al Quaeda's next target might be salad bars and buffets. CBS News investigated the Department of Homeland Security's claims that the terror group has planned to slip the poisons ricin and cyanide into buffet fare in simultaneous attacks at multiple restaurants and hotels. The department's not issuing any panic alerts yet, but they have briefed "corporate security officers from the hotel and restaurant industries".

If that doesn't scare you, perhaps the threat of cancer from cocktails will do it. The Globe and Mail reports that the University of Texas warns that holiday drinking can increase the risk of oral, breast, and liver cancer. Sure, small amounts of alcohol can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and even, um, cancer. But we can't be trusted to drink sensibly, can we?

Dogfish Head beer won't give you cancer, right? The little Delaware craft brewery can do no wrong these days, what with $39 million in projected sales for 2010, a Discovery Channel show, and now a feature in Time's "Thinking Big" series.

Is there an official Festivus food? Slashfood does us all a favor and wades into the grievances of the official Festivus discussion group, parsing the debates about what to eat on the holiday for the rest of us.