Deep-Fried Turkey: A Video Treasury of Fiery Disasters for Thanksgiving


Boiling oil. A giant, cold turkey. A rudimentary -- if that -- understanding of chemistry. What could possibly go wrong? Yes, deep-fried turkey is a distinctly American disaster waiting to happen. To celebrate Thanksgiving, we here at Gut Check International Headquarters present a video treasury of deep-fried turkey disasters:

Admit it: As soon as you saw the little girl in the background, you were secretly wishing for even worse carnage than what we just saw. More disasters after the jump.

We join this disaster, which we call "I don't think it's working!", already in progress. The only sense displayed here is by the person who, a few seconds in, calls the dogs away.

This next video is fairly tame, but it provides an important lesson in kitchen safety to everyone, not just the deep-fried-turkey obsessed. Always wear closed-toe shoes.

This next turkey-frying explosion is staged, but no less spectacular.

Another fire already in progress. We call this, "To hell with what you learned biology [sic] class, I'm gonna put this fire out with water!"

Finally, in the interest of public safety, here is a video showing all the different ways in which a deep-fried turkey could make this Thanksgiving your last.