Five Reasons to Embrace the Food Safety Bill


That food safety bill we keep talking about? Exactly what's it going to do for us? MSNBC breaks it down into the five most important points, the first being less intestinal distress. ABC reports that a recent change in the bill will exempt small farms that make less than half a million dollars annually and only sell within 275 miles. Such farms will be regulated locally.

Too bad the bill won't be passed before Black Friday. A report from the Today Show indicates that you might want to skip the food court while elbowing crowds for holiday deals - mall restaurants are often filthy. In a three-month study, the show found foods held at the wrong temperatures, critters, and cross-contamination. For example, a worker who used eye drops then handed out food samples without washing her hands. The malls have responded. A Mall of America (Minnesota) spokesperson said that it's hard to feed that many people. Locally, a spokesperson from St. Clair Square in Fairview Heights said that a county health inspector said the mall had no violations as of Thursday.

This place will probably be immaculately clean - Zagat reports that some talking heads from the E! network are planning to open a reality show-themed restaurant. The Vegas restaurant will feature recipes from reality stars and memorabilia from shows. Because dining next to Snooki's dress is so much healthier than food court chow.