Tony's of Alton Settles Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit


Tony's of Alton will pay $75,000 to settle a sexual harrassment lawsuit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, my colleague Chad Garrison reports on Daily RFT.

The suit stems from 2005, when Michael Ventimiglia was the vice president of the Illinois restaurant and Katie Comer was an eighteen-year-old hostess. Chad relates the events of December 18 of that year:
That's when Michael Ventimiglia allegedly approached the teen from behind "placing his hands on each side of Comer between her armpits and breasts and trusting the front of his body against the back of Comer's body while he pulled Comer to him, thereby causing intimate contact between his groin area and Comer's buttocks"
Read Chad's story for the full report.

By the way, $75,000 would buy you 8,833 orders of Tony's t-ravs. (Tax and tip not included.)