Food and Fashion Get Friendly


First Gwyneth went to Spain with Mario. Then Barney's New York unveiled their chef-filled holiday window display. What's up with the marriage of fashion and food? The Wall Street Journal explores the connection that's leading to Momofuku's David Chang attending Fashion Week parties, designers like Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs opening restaurants, and model Kate Moss making jam. Hopefully not from crack.

If Kate lived in Michigan, she'd be able to sell her homemade jam without a license. The Detroit Free Press reports on recent changes in state laws that allow homemade foods to be sold without a license. Most states have laws prohibiting foods made in home kitchens that haven't passed health inspections from being sold. The new Cottage Food Law is helping cooks make ends meet and giving new food businesses a leg up.

The timing couldn't be better, because in the current economic climate, Business Week notes that food production is the biggest growth market.

There won't be any market growth for pre-packaged alcohol with added caffeine in New York, though. According to the New York Daily News, the State Liquor Authority put the squeeze on liquor distributors to stop delivering Four Loko and similar products by the end of this week. Stores can sell such drinks if they have proof they obtained it before November 19th.