Heart Attack Grill Gives Free Bypass Burgers to Obese Customers


Fat? Eat for free! The aptly-named Heart Attack Grill in Arizona is giving free food to people who weigh over 350 pounds. The New York Daily News reports that the medically-themed restaurant features burgers named after heart surgeries, waitresses in sexy nurse uniforms, no diet soda, and fries cooked in lard.

At least other burger joints are taking a less-evil approach. Wendy's is now using sea salt on their fries. Their marketing chief Ken Calwell tells USA Today, "There's a halo that goes with it. People associate it with good, natural things."

With Thanksgiving dinner, having a pretend halo isn't good enough. It's got to be perfect. So the Associated Press talked to food scientist Harold McGee, author of "Keys to Good Cooking". He shares the science behind perfect turkey (pack the breast in ice before roasting), mashed potatoes (don't break the cells), nuke the veggies, and use weight instead of volume.

No matter how fabulous Thanksgiving dinner is, it won't undo the terror of the crazed celebrity chef mannequins adorning the holiday window displays at Barney's New York. Eater.com ruins Christmas with photos of fake Ina Garten biting a knife and wearing a Snuggie, while wax Bobby Flay stomps on the dinner table.