Meatless Mondays Boost Restaurant Sales


Meatless Mondays have become a boon to restaurants. New York Magazine looks at how the slowest night of the restaurant week is becoming one of the hottest, thanks to the increasing trendiness of veggies and high-end restaurants doing interesting things with them for Monday dinner.

Grocery stores are jumping on the vegetable trend, too, by making subtle changes to entice shoppers to buy more produce. NPR covers the efforts of grocery chains like Wegman's. The mid-Atlantic chain employs a nutritionist to inform employees on how to help shoppers make healthy food choices.

Not everyone's marketing healthy food. ABC News reports that even though fast food restaurants brag that they have healthy options for kid meals, the employees aren't selling them. Research shows that in 250 fast food restaurants, employees told customers about healthy options, like apples instead of fries, only six to eight percent of the time. Time reports that fast food ads aimed at kids have increased, and 84% of parents are giving in to the call of the convenience at least once a week.

Thanks to Aimee Levitt for this head's up on how women can use food scents to market themselves. The Detroit Free Press tested Eau Fling by Harvey Prince, a fragrance for women that smells like vanilla, pumpkin pie, lavender, pink grapefruit and patchouli. Does it live up to its promise to make a gal irresistible? No.