Chef Shuffle at Bistro 1130: Marc Felix Gone Before It Opened


  • Ian Froeb
Eric Miranne, the owner of Bistro 1130, which opened in September at 1130 Town & Country Crossing Drive, got in touch with me this week to clear up a misunderstanding. In the build-up to Bistro 1130's opening, this blog and most other St. Louis food publications focused on the fact that Marc Felix of the late Red Moon would be in the kitchen.

Indeed, when Bistro 1130 held its (private) grand opening on Friday, September 17, Felix was present in his chef's whites. However, Miranne informed me that Felix "was fired the next day."

(So far Gut Check been unable to reach Felix for comment.)

Since the restaurant opened to the public on Monday, September 20, the chef has been Karim Bouzammour. Bouzammour, who is of French and Moroccan heritage, has spent fifteen years in the culinary industry, most of it concentrating on Mediterranean cuisine. Most recently, he worked in South Carolina.