Chilean Wine Sales Skyrocket After Mine Drama



Chilean miner rescue leads to increase in Chilean wine sales. Harper's Wine and Spirits notes that British retailer Tesco has had a 325% increase in sales of wine from Chile since the rescue of the miners who'd been trapped since August.

Gourmet Live shares one of the stories from their iPad app regarding how restaurants are using Twitter and Google to anticipate guests wishes. Sometimes it's delightful. Others, it borders on stalking.

Former Atlanta chef Scott Peacock lands a half-million dollar book deal to write the biography of southern food matriarch Edna Lewis. Saveur reports that the former chef at Watershed will chronicle his time with the granddaughter of freed slaves who was known as "the Julia Child of southern cuisine". They co-authored a cookbook in 2003. Peacock, half Lewis' age, was her live-in caretaker for the last years of her life.

The Wall Street Journal says that food bloggers are getting some respect. Elsewhere, the food bloggers at Come Away defend themselves against criticism that food bloggers aren't qualified to write about food.