Gut Check Modifies Commenting System


And now for a brief peek behind the scenes at Gut Check International Headquarters: Beginning today, Gut Check and the other Riverfront Times blogs require readers to complete a "Captcha" field when leaving a comment. You have probably encountered this system on other websites. If not, all you have to do is type the two nonsense words as they appear on screen, like so:

The reason for this change is to cut down on the tremendous number of spam comments that, even though they rarely make it past our filter onto the blogs, slow down our servers, making it difficult for us to produce content and for you to load the site.

Yeah, it's an annoying extra step. The good news, however, is that in the coming months, the RFT blogs will be rolling out an entirely new comment system that won't require the "Captcha" field. Your patience in the meantime is greatly appreciated!