This Week in Gut Check, Regurgitated



Halloween may still be a week or so away, but Gut Check is already getting into the spooky spirit. First, an area dentist -- who seems a little less enthused about the holiday -- is hoping to head off cavities by asking kids to bring in their candy for cash. Next up, a look at the costume possibilities of Lady Gaga's meat dress -- complete with butchers' takes on the idea.

What else did we do this week?

Cozied up to a list of the best food films for fall.

Junk + Food kept it All in the Family at a Bosnian market.

Searched for the best Chicago-style hot dog (in St. louis) with Fight Club Sandwich.

Had a drink with Ronnie Walters of John D. McGurk's.

Chef's Choice chatted with Bob Colosimo of Eleven Eleven Mississippi.

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend. Eat something good.