Salmonella Patients Testify in Congressional Food Safety Hearings



As reported yesterday, several giant egg farms are testifying before Congress after last month's massive salmonella recall. Also testifying - several people sickened in the outbreak, including a 77-year-old Colorado grandmother who nearly died from salmonella-related septic shock. Despite not being fully recovered, Carol Lobato traveled to Washington, D.C. to testify in the same hearing as egg company executives. She shared her experience with MSNBC.

Today Sotheby's, best know for art auctions, will sell heirloom vegetables for charity. ABC News reports that the auction house in New York City will auction the produce, along with experiences with chefs and farms, to benefit a farm that provides educational programs for kids.

Can't get twentysomethings to drink Budweiser? Just give it away! A USA Today piece says that Anheuser-Busch has a new ad campaign to boost lagging sales to younger consumers. They've declared September 29th "Budweiser National Happy Hour", celebrated by giving free samples at bars. The company plans to give away half a million samples by mid-October in hopes they'll buy.

Former Microsoft chief technical officer Nathan Myhrvold tells the Los Angeles Times about Modernist Cuisine, his upcoming 2400-page, six-volume guide to food science.