Medical Marijuana Users Get Ice Cream



We all scream for High Scream. The Vancouver Sun reports that marijuana-infused ice cream will be available in Santa Cruz, California, this week to medical marijuana users. Sold under the brand name Creme de Canna, a $15 purchase gets 2 to 4 doses. Flavors include Banannabis Foster, TRIPle Chocolate Brownie and Straw-Mari Cheesecake.

Get back in the kitchen, ladies. In the Daily Mail, food writer Rose Prince blames feminism for the demise of the art of cooking and the rise of fast food and childhood obesity.

Who doesn't love a Five Guys burger? Esquire's Josh Ozersky. He grumbles that groups like Zagat's and Consumer Reports ranking fast food burgers is an act of ranking mediocrity, and takes aim at the D.C.-based darling of the burger world.

NPR reports that a company is now selling $40 toasters that will burn the image of the Jesus into your breakfast bread. No word on when Christ on a cracker presses will be available.