Corle 2 Da's Guide to St. Louis Restaurants



For several days now, Gut Check International Headquarters has been grooving to the beat of "So St. Louis" by Corle 2 Da. A (NSFW!) lyrical celebration of everything St. Louis -- including Riverfront Times! -- it's pretty much the best thing ever this week.

What makes the video especially awesome are the multiple shout-outs (literal or implied) to St. Louis restaurants. Which restaurants did Corle 2 Da choose and do they fit his own criterion of being "So St. Louis"? Gut Check investigates...

Bici Cafe

I have to admit: I laughed out loud when I saw Corle and his female companion standing at the entrance to Bici Cafe. No offense to the restaurant, but if you asked me to choose a restaurant that would be the most randomly inappropriate venue for a hip-hop video, Bici Cafe -- a two-year-old casual eatery in residential University City -- might be it.

So St. Louis? Only if Corle is looking to score some moderately well-shod MILFs.

Blueberry Hill

Clearly, University City and, specifically, the Delmar Loop are very important to Corle. He wants a star on the walk of fame -- near Howard Nemerov, I hope --  and of course he wants to get his thrill at Blueberry Hill. All that's missing is a cameo appearance by Joe Edwards pimping his trolley.

So St. Louis? More like, So St. Louis©.

White Castle

White Castle was founded in Wichita, Kansas, and is currently headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, yet the sack-o'-Cravers-peddling chain is somehow redolent of the Gateway City, so we'll give Corle a pass on this one.

So St. Louis? Yep, with bonus points for the cameo appearance by Broadway Oyster Bar in the background.

Imo's Pizza

Corle looks pensive as he stands outside the Death Star of St. Louis-style pizza. Could he, like more than a few of his fellow St. Louisans, feel ambivalent about Provel? Or does the shot just look cool like this?

So St. Louis? Well, yeah. What says St. Louis cuisine more than Imo's? You were expecting him to stand outside Niche maybe?

The Best Steak House

Now this made me smile. Maybe Corle chose the Best Steak House simply because he was already filming in Grand Center, but I'd like to think, like countless locals, he has a special place in his heart for this endearingly old-school cafeteria.

So St. Louis? So St. Louis.