Americans Eschew Fruits and Vegetables, Find Way to Delivery Sundaes.



Eat your fruits and vegetables, already! A Centers for Disease Control study shows that American adults still aren't eating enough vegetables, and they're decreasing their fruit consumption. Only 34% Americans eat more than two servings of fruit a day.

Maybe it's because a Chicago pair has found a way to deliver soft-serve ice cream treats. The Chicago Tribune features Gyood, a frozen dessert shop that's developed cars equipped with sub-zero coolers. Treats might arrive with some assembly required.

Chances are frozen treats weren't delivered to the annual State Department Iftar, the post-sundown meal offered to break the daily fast of Ramadan. Sauveur covered the annual event, where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke while a global group of diners feasted on a menu infused with Western and Middle Eastern influences.

They certainly didn't eat ancient cheese. The New Yorker shares the tale of a 117-year-old piece of cheese. The cheese belongs to a Tennessee museum docent, who has traced it back to her paternal great-grandfather, who received it as a gift upon his emigration from Lithuania.