News Tidbits from Sir-B-Que, Gokul


  • Ian Froeb
Ian Froeb
More news from the Delmar Loop area, which has been undergoing many changes (not just in restaurants, but in all retail) over the recent months:

A few blocks east of the Delmar Loop proper, the barbecue restaurant Sir-B-Que appears to have closed its doors at 5898 Delmar Boulevard. Newspaper covers the windows, as you can see in the photo to the right. (In a bittersweet or maybe ironic touch, the paper in question is Sauce Magazine.) While there is no sign stating definitively that the restaurant has closed, as opposed to the "closed for renovations" gambit, the phone number has been disconnected.

Speaking of Sauce, our friends there were first to report that the vegetarian Indian restaurant Gokul Snacks & Sweets will open a second location in the former Miss Saigon space at 6101 Delmar Boulevard. The original Gokul is located at 10633 Page Avenue.