Eating in New Orleans, Five Years After Katrina



Five years later, the New Orleans Times-Picayune looks at thirteen ways Hurricane Katrina changed New Orleans' food culture - what's gone, what's new, and why the tea got sweeter.

Forget Yelp! and foursquare. Foodspotting just got some big financial backing to make it a player in the food social media game. The New York Times reports that $750,000 in seed money was recently invested in the struggling social media company that allows users to upload photos of their meals and tag their locations.

What happens when a BBC food writer eats as many food additives in one day as he can muster in the name of science? He finds that a lot of additives are natural, and that while the day left him bloated and fighting some guilt, he did not die.

What's real espresso, and why do Americans have such a problem with it? Salon hits coffee houses with an executive from Italy-based espresso giant illy, who irritated baristas nationwide with a scalding article in the Atlantic last spring about the poor quality of American espresso.