No More Cheap, Abundant Food?



In Mark Bittman's New York Times blog, he declares that "the era of cheap, abundant food is over" in his review of The Coming Famine. But is it? The Atlantic Wire explores whether he's right or not, looking at overcrowding, the economy, food safety, and a taste for expensive protein.

Like goat cheese. It's hard to see the coming famine when the UPI reports that residents in Casa di Lama, Italy, have created a 1,178-pound wheel of goat cheese. Yep, it's a Guinness World Record-breaker.

Also, Business Week reports that food inflation is shrinking this year. Economist predict it will be the lowest food inflation since 1992. This, despite soaring commodities prices elsewhere in the world.

Not the case in China, where food vendors are jacking up prices for people stuck in the massive traffic jam. According to the Australian, people stuck on the road are complaining that locals on bikes are selling food and bottled water at ten times the normal price.