Iowa Company Voluntarily Recalls Millions of Eggs



380 million eggs have been recalled for possible salmonella. CNN reports that Wright County Eggs in Iowa voluntarily recalled the possibly-tainted eggs. The company plans to pasteurize their remaining stocks of the eggs to kill the bacteria. St. Louis area Walgreens stores sell eggs from Wright County Eggs.

It may be a small world, but it's not ready for a hijab. According to the Associate Press a Disneyland restaurant refused to let a female Muslim employee wearing a head scarf work in sight of costumers. Disney claims that all employees are, in essence, "on stage" while at work and the head scarf is not a part of a restaurant hostess' "costume".

Man breaks into Red Lobster, vandalizes it, and eats a shrimp pizza. MSNBC has the scoop on the North Carolina crime.

Happy birthday, cans! The Washington Business Journal celebrates the food can's 200th birthday. Or as the Can Manufactuers Institute is calling it, the CAN-iversary. England issued the first patent for a tin can on August 25, 1810. It was brought to the U.S. two years later.