Food Safety Bill Inches Closer to Law



The Senate's reached a "tentative agreement" on the food safety bill. The Hill reports, "'It's a clear signal that this is going to happen when they come back in September,' said Sandra Eskin, director of the Pew Health Group's Food Safety Campaign." The House passed their version of food safety legislation last summer.

Bust out the gas masks! Brick Lane Curry House in New York City claims to have the city's hottest curry. How hot? According to The Sun, the cook has to wear a gas mask to prepare it. The dish hits one million Scovilles. Tabasco Sauce is a paltry 5000 on the scale.

Dietitians analyzed a cheeseburger on a Krispy Kreme bun and found it only has 500 calories. The treat's a big hit at this year's Wisconsin State Fair (and a staple locally at Gateway Grizzlies minor-league baseball games). Fox 6 in Milwaukee points out that the addition of chocolate-covered bacon to the burger might ruin its decent health standing.

Could you spend only $100 on food in 100 days? Time blogs about Jeffrey Strain, who just completed the challenge on his blog, Not only did the coupon-clipping, discount-hunting diner eat for one dollar a day, but he had enough left over to donate to food banks.