Double Down Sales "Immaterial"


What's missing? A bacon cheeseburger - IAN FROEB
  • Ian Froeb
  • What's missing? A bacon cheeseburger
When Gut Check tried KFC's Double Down "sandwich" -- a much talked-about creation in which two pieces of boneless fried chicken serve as the "bun" for a sandwich of cheese, bacon and the ickily named "Colonel's Sauce" -- we found it underwhelming. Turns out we weren't alone. reports that Double Down sales disappointed the company itself:
Yum Brands [KFC's parent company] did not break out sales figures for specific products in its second-quarter earnings -- the first quarter in which the sandwich was sold. But Mitchell Speiser, analyst for Buckingham Research, said the Double Down contributed to only 5% of KFC's sales. In order for a new product to be a blockbuster it has to be "north of 10%," he said.
Should KFC try to salvage the Double Down experiment, Gut Check suggests, er, doubling down on the concept: The Double Double Down, a bacon cheeseburger with two Double Down sandwiches acting as the bun.