Review Preview: Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse


  • Jennifer Silverberg
Grab a handful of Benjamins and your eating pants: We're headed to River City Casino for a date with Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse. Follow me after the jump for a sneak preview of my review of the top-dollar restaurant.

The exterior of Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse looks like something out of Disney World, a collection of turrets and arched windows more befitting a fairy-tale princess than a contemporary restaurant where 24 ounces of bone-in, dry-aged, USDA Prime New York strip will set you back a cool $45. That Jeff Ruby's is the signature restaurant of the massive new River City Casino in Lemay goes a long way in explaining this. After all, what is a casino but an amusement park for adults? And in today's ever-more-casual restaurant scene, where but a steak house does the fantasy of fine dining remain so vivid?
Visit the RFT restaurant page late Tuesday afternoon or check back here Wednesday morning to see what I think.