The Chipwich Lives (Sort Of) at Mojo Tapas Restaurant & Bar


Chipwich(ish)! - IAN FROEB
  • Ian Froeb
  • Chipwich(ish)!
Last month, Gut Check -- and novelty frozen-dessert lovers worldwide -- mourned the passing of Richard LaMotta, the man who invented the Chipwich. As noted then, the original Chipwich is no longer available. It was purchased by Nestlé, which retired it in favor of its own Chipwich-like product.

I love Chipwiches, true or faux, but I can't remember when I last had one, so when I saw the chocolate-chip cookie ice cream sandwich on the dessert menu at Mojo Tapas Restaurant & Bar (3117 South Grand Boulevard; 314-865-0500), I knew I had to order it.

As you can see in the photo, the sandwich is served already divided into four wedges. A bit precious, maybe, as is the leaf of basil, but convenient for sharing. In the center of the plate is warmed chocolate sauce for dipping.

This is a tasty Chipwich wannabe. True to the original, the ice cream is more about form than flavor, a generically sweet slab of commercial vanilla. [Update: I belatedly note that Mojo's version did not roll the edges of the ice cream in additional chocolate chips.] The cookies are soft and loaded with thick, slightly bittersweet chips. The sauce adds a deeper chocolate flavor, but true Chipwich fans won't need it.

At $4, Mojo's Chipwich facsimile might be a bit more than you used to fork over to the guy driving the ice-cream truck. Really, though, can you put a price on nostalgia?